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Managing your Google Ads account Where to focus when refining the targeting of your Google Ads account

Wasted Google Ads BudgetWasted click budget – Make the most of your budget, making sure you’re not spending money bidding on keywords that aren’t converting or are too broad and are generating low quality traffic to your site.

Google Ads Impression ShareImpression share – Just how much of that potential search traffic is seeing your ads and looking to see where you’re losing out, focusing on how we can increase your impression share, making your ads more visible.

Google Ads Ad Copy ReviewAd copy review – Check all the ad copies, looking to ensure that display URLs are relevant to the keyword, descriptions include primary information along with the keyword and headlines are accurate, enticing and feature a call to action with unique selling points.

Google Ads Mobile OptimisationMobile targeting – Mobile traffic has grown 222% in the last 5 years and anyone not optimising accounts for mobile searches is missing a big trick, we’ll ensure your account is set up to cater for both mobile and desktop searchers, using historic data from your account to optimise performance in all areas based on user device.

Best Google Ads PracticesPPC best practices – Implementing all the industry recognised best practices, such as setting budget cap scripts, using calls to action where appropriate, organising account structure to allow for efficient management and the addition of negative keywords to name a few.

Google Ads Long Tail KeywordsLong tail keyword – Utilise long tail keywords, which help to focus your account and make it as targeted as possible, ensuring your generated traffic is of high quality.

Google Ads Quality ScoreQuality Score – Reviewing each keyword quality score and looking to see how that can be improved upon, Google factors quality score during auction time, so it’s important to make sure yours is a high as possible to get the cheapest clicks for the best positions.

Google Ads Click Through RateClick through rate – Looking at keywords and ad copies, making sure the keywords aren’t too broad and the ads are 100% relevant, following tried and tested principles when writing ad copies.

Google Ads Landing PageLanding page optimisation – Even the most optimised account will fail to achieve good results without an appropriate landing page. We will carrying out a site review, making sure the most relevant page is in use and that it is sufficiently optimised, offering suggestions where required to get the best performance. We can also build landing pages where necessary if nothing suitable exists on the site.

Google Ads Display CampaignDisplay campaigns – Using  display image ads and responsive image ads in conjunction with remarketing, custom intent and affinity audiences. Remarketing works by displaying ads on the Google Display Network to previous visitors to your site. Custom intent works by targeting users based on their search history and affinity looks to target users based on their interests and habits. An optimised display campaign is a brilliant way to generate traffic to your site with a low cost per click.

Google Ads OptimisationGoogle Analytics review – An in depth study of all data in the Google Ads console as well as Google Analytics will be conducted, segmenting data at highly targeted levels to grant insight into what exact conditions the account performs best and implementing changes to streamline operation, maximising return of investment and lead generation.

Google Ads management price plans

Google Ads - Standard

£ 150 /month

Perfect for smaller businesses targeting a local area with a limited monthly PPC budget. Includes initial set up of up to 4 campaigns and ongoing management.

Google Ads - Business

£ 250 /month

Suitable for businesses with a moderate budget, targeting several smaller locations or a region. Includes initial creation of up to 6 campaigns and ongoing management.

Google Ads - Premium

£ 350+ /month

Suitable for larger companies with a substantial PPC budget, targeting a country wide audience. Includes initial set up of 10 campaigns and ongoing management.

Google Ads Audit

£ Free

An obligation free audit conducted by a highly experience member of the team. Designed to highlight any areas of concern and the necessary steps for improvement.