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Just like a fingerprint, every website is different, which means so are it's requirements to rank well on the search engine results page. Fortunately, we have the answers to those questions.

Search Engine optimisation

Purple Jester has been helping the business owners of Angus and beyond improve the quality and volume of traffic to their websites for the last 5 years, generating customers and increasing profits. SEO in a nutshell is carrying out on site and off site practices to place your website higher on the search engine results page. Depending on your industry and competition, this can be done in a relatively short space of time or it may take a while to start seeing results.

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SEO Angus
Back Link Building

link building

Link building is the cornerstone of most SEO strategies and makes up a large portion of a sites ranking factor. Building links to your site from reputable sources acts like a positive signal that it is reliable and trustworthy, which in turn boosts the search engines confidence and leads to your website ranking higher on the results page. 

Google’s algorithm doesn’t view all backlinks equally and depending on the target website’s goals and industry, will require it’s own bespoke link building plan to benefit. That’s where we come in, we already know exactly where and how to build those links and to make sure they’re not going to result in the site being penalised for low quality or spam links. 

On Page optimisation

There are many pieces to the puzzle when it comes to SEO, particularly when looking at the “on page” factors. Beginning with a detailed audit of the whole site and leaving no stone unturned, we would look at the content, image meta data, page titles, keyword density, whether the pages are mobile friendly and so on. 

Continuing with the puzzle metaphor, when all of these areas are optimised appropriately, Google can then see the final image, which is an authoritative and reliable website. 

Display Marketing
Website Design

technical SEO

It is generally recognised that there are four key areas when it comes to considering the technical factors that impact your SEO. Site content – ensuring it is highly visible by search engines by utilising sitemaps and carrying out log file analysis to interpret their access patterns. Structure – Creating a site that naturally flows from one page to the other easily, through URL structure and internal linking. Conversion – Looking at any issues which may prevent a site user from navigating the website as intended.  Performance – The site has to perform well based on user experience as well as search engines crawlability.

Getting these four areas correct will ultimately lead to an increase in site performance through search and other channels. 

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